A new opportunity to promote the Circular Economy in cities. On June 15 and 16, the Second Edition of the World Summit on Circular Economy was taking place in the City of Córdoba and RIL was present.

A meeting of great importance in which actors from the public, private, academic, third sector, entrepreneurship and experts in the field of Circular Economy meet.

Milagros Balparda and Sofia Noguer from the RIL team were accompanying some leaders of the Community of Environment, a virtual RIL community that brings together 215 local government leaders from 146 cities in Argentina, who said they were present and met in person to continue to be nourished by exchanges and joint challenges of the environmental agenda. Representatives from San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, San Luis, Posadas, General Pico, La Falda, Bahía Blanca, City of Buenos Aires and Córdoba were present along with Möbel Citt? and Delterra who were accompanying the meeting.

In addition, the allies and the cities of the #2021 and #2022 litter of the Circular Cities Program took advantage of the presence to meet and continue promoting synergies and joint agendas.

Thank you Municipality of Córdoba, Delterra, Möbel Citt?, Coca Cola, Sistema B, Holcim Argentina, Erres Circular Economy for joining us!

If you want to read more about this experience, you can read the +COMMUNITY coverage note.