In 2021, during the 3rd edition of the program, once again Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Fundación Irradia and RIL, with Francisco Lanus and Axel Hinsch as process coaches, we joined and trained a group of local leaders.

For the 2021 group, we set out to develop a 100% virtual space in which we seek to generate an exclusive experience of reflection, inspiration, self-knowledge and motivation with a strong contribution of  tools so that they can apply them in their daily work and enhance their role as leaders. of in their communities. 

Also in 2021, we created the Alumni program, which brought together 29 people from 24 cities in the country who went through the program in previous editions,  to continue working on their leadership skills and strengthen the relationship between them, in order to enhance the links between people who share an enormous capacity for influence in the management of their cities.

Do you want to be part of the next edition? Do you want to nominate a municipal official to be one?

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