Throughout 2021 together with the Political Action Network (RAP), we carry out the virtual cycle "Cities of Knowledge", aimed at debating ideas and generating tools to contribute to development and enhance the  management of local governments.

During the past year, we held nine monthly meetings in which mayors from different locations throughout Argentina, leaders from the private sector and academia, participated together . At each meeting the case of one of the cities of the group was presented and then strengths and opportunities for improvement were worked together.

By having the virtual presence of different leaders, the meetings were also transformed into spaces for creating ties and facilitating synergies between municipalities, always favoring the idea of ??turning cities into "Cities of Knowledge."

At the last meeting of the year, held in December, Bettina Romero, mayor of Salta, shared her city's strategy with the rest of the participants and the special guests of the day, Sergio Kaufman (from Accenture) and Gabriel Allasia ( Globant).