We provide support to government teams so that they can develop dashboards that allow them to centralize and systematize strategic information about their management process, based on citizens’ requests, project and program progress reports, programs and the benefits offered in the community, as well as the main impact indicators.

These tools allow government teams to systematize the control of their management processes, especially internal processes and the decentralization of services. They also facilitate communication by presenting the results obtained and planning new strategies, and by sharing the government’s main pillars and objectives.

They result in rapid insights about local management and the environment it is working in, and encourage a change of organizational culture, gearing it towards systematizing and sharing information and focusing on objectives and the achievement of results. Finally, they help strengthen the accountability of the organization vis-a-vis the citizens.

Working together with government teams, we develop two types of management dashboards:


Dashboards to monitor annual operational plans
and goal plans

Tools that swiftly and systematically collect all the relevant information about government management during a specific period of time. In this way, the government teams centralize there all the information about the government’s pillars and objectives, strategic projects to be carried out during that period, the activities that have been planned and the indicators that will measure the deliverables, results and the impact made by the actions promoted by the local government.


Dashboards to follow-up on a specific issue

These dashboards are developed after the government team uses RIL’s self-diagnosis tools. For each issue selected, the strengths and opportunities for improvement are surveyed and all the information about project, indicators and activities is systematized so that the teams can then quickly monitor and evaluate the progress made by the government regarding the issue in question.


Would you like to implement a scoreboard in your city? Do not hesitate to contact us at contacto@redinnovacionlocal.org